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Indian Helicopter Rotor Blades

About helicopter rotor blades: aluminum  vs. fiberglass

Helicopter rotor blades come in mainly two varieties; aluminum and fiberglass.

Upon accidental ground impact aluminum rotor blades have the quality of absorbing some of the the impact and collapsing while fiberglass rotor blades may splinter and send shards flying in all directions at a high velocity. You may survive the impact but maybe not the splinters. 

For this reason alone we recommend aluminum main and tail rotor blades for the Indian ultralight and experimental helicopter.



Helicopter tail rotor blades


2'.75 chord tail rotor blades, 14 L
2'.75 chord tail rotor blades, 18 L
3'.50 chord tail rotor blades, 18 L

Helicopter main rotor blades 


4'.0 chord main rotor blades, 6 L
5'.7 chord main rotor blades, 8 L
7'.0 chord main rotor blades, 10 L
8'.0 chord main rotor blades, 12 L


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