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Indian Ultralight Helicopter Specifications


Dual carb, dual CDI 50-65 hp engine, 2 cycle, two cylinder inline, fan cooled 

Compact Radial, Rotax or Hirth aircraft engines - recommended 

Indian Helicopter
A 55hp+ motorcycle engine with mount or other engine may be used
Main rotor blades are NACA 0012 - 21' x 8"  425 RPM
Tail rotor blades are NACA 0012 - 36" x 3.5" 3000 RPM
Indian Helicopters - homebuilt experimental or ultralight helicopter plan, aircraft plans, rotorcraft plans, VTOL plans
Tail rotor shown with builder modified aluminum "monocoque tube" tail boom
Empty weight - 254 lbs
Gross weight - 525 lbs
Useful payload - 273 lbs
Length - 15' 9"
Width - 7'
Height - 7' 6"
Cruise speed - 63 mph
Top speed - 75 mph
Ceiling - 9000'
Fuel - 5 gallons/1.25 hrs
Range - 100 miles

No pilot's license or aircraft registration required when you fly an ultralight helicopter*


* You can build The Indian Helicopter as an experimental (weighing more than 254 lbs* or you can build an ultralight helicopter (weighing less than 254 lbs which meets FAA  rules Part 103.) 

Under the FAA Part 103 ultralight regulations an ultralight aircraft must: 

  • weigh no more than 254 pounds
  • fly no faster than 63 miles per hour
  • carry no more than five (5) U.S. gallons of fuel
  • be single place
  • not fly over populated areas
  • have a minimum stall speed, but since rotorcraft do not stall, this does not apply.
  • other rules apply 
An aircraft - an airplane or a rotorcraft, meeting these requirements can fly as an ultralight. 

The aircraft does not have to be licensed or registered with the FAA. The pilot does not have to have a license. However, ultralight pilots still have to fly under the FAA "rules of the road," and are subject to FAA inspection at any time to see that the aircraft qualifies as an ultralight.
Certified flight school training in a Robinson R22 or other comparable aircraft
is strongly recommended before attempting to fly!

* Homebuilder should be proficient with small tools and have some mechanical ability to construct this aircraft.


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