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 Indian Ultralight Helicopter Engines

Compact Radial Engines MZ202
2-cylinder inline two-cycle engine

The Compact Radial engine is used on the Mosquito Helicopter.

60 BHP@ 5800RPM 

180 Watt alternator provides ample power for all requirements 

(82 lbs) including muffler and gear
box. All models are supplied complete with electric starter, wiring harness and exhaust system.

Recommended Aircraft Engines 

  • Compact Radial engines
  • Hirth engines 
  • Rotax engines
  • Yamaha Engines


Hirth 3203 2 cycle 65hp

Factory recommended TBO is rated at 1000 Hrs. @ 75% power 

73 lbs-free air, 79 lbs-fan cooled including electric start and exhaust. Optional gearbox adds 19 lbs 

12 volt electric, optional recoil
250 watt/20 amp alternator standard 

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