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 Indian Helicopter Custom Fiberglass Canopy Molds

The are many websites on the internet describing how to make a fiberglass mold. They are time consuming and a lot of work. The weight of  a custom canopy for an Indian helicopter will most likely take it out of the ultralight catagory. 

They do provide a break from the wind and look cool. If you don't wish to attempt your own fuselage or canopy fiiberglass mold we recommend the following company.

The M. W. Bourne Co. is a company specializing in product design, fiberglass mold making, and the production of quality products. 

Founded in 1995 by Maurice Bourne, a licensed aircraft mechanic and commercial pilot. A life-long craftsman and inventor, he abides by the rigid standards and craft discipline learned in nearly a quarter of a century in aviation. 

M. W. Bourne Co.  PO Box 146  Marquez, TX USA


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