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Helicopter Survival Accessories

Pocket Survival Pak

A survival kit for your helicopter or your flight bag. If you crash in some out-of-the-way place where rescue is days away. Accidents happen to even the best of us. 

There are larger survival kits for storing in your helicopter; but for those who don't own an aircraft, something smaller and cheaper is more likely to be carried in our flight bags. 

A small, portable, lightweight survival kit with the most important, emergency essentials.

The Pak contains over a dozen items needed for survival, but none of them are life-limited, so it can remain unopened until needed.

The Pak weighs less than 4 oz. and stores in the waterproof, zip-top pouch. Suggested retail price is $27.50. More information is available from their web site.

Not the whole list, but here are the key items included in the Pak:

  • Fire-Starting Materials 
  • Whistle 
  • Signal Mirror 
  • Compass 
  • Duct Tape 
  • Stainless Steel Utility Wire 
  • Braided Nylon Cord 
  • Nylon Thread 
  • Fishing Kit 
  • Heavy Duty Sewing Needle 
  • Safety Pins 
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil 
  • Pencil and Waterproof Notepaper 

  • Scalpel Blade


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